Charley Horse Derby. A strategic horse racing game. Derby with saboteurs. Getting to the finish line can be painful.

Strategic Horse Racing

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What a wonderful game. Not only is it a whole lot of fun to play but the design and quality are exceptional. Normally my husband is not a game lover but now it is him saying "Come On - let's play a couple of quick games". Can't wait to play this game with our grandkids.

Bill & Joan

So we have had this game for a few months now, we absolutely love this game, the more you play it the more you figure out different strategy. Just when you think you have it all figured out someone can change the game so quickly. Love it.

The McPh.. Family

Great game. We had 6 people playing. Had lots of laughs trying to get to the finish line.

Paula Day

This is an amazing game!! Easy to learn and fun for the whole family.
Strategy is involved which adds so much to the play.
Can't say enough good things.... Don't miss out on this.
I gave games to our neighbours, children and grandchildren. All agree it's a hit!!


This game is awesome! I was super impressed with how well made the game is. The pieces have substance and the artwork is beautiful. I had a great time playing it with my parents over the weekend!!

L. Pollard

Played Charley Horse Derby over the Christmas holidays - we really enjoyed the quality of the game board and pieces. We played with the death card (which was more beneficial for some of us than others :)). We had a great time playing the game and loved the strategy involved! This game will be successful and we will be able to say we knew the creator back in the day before he was famous!!! We need to get some fascinators for next time!

Shelley S. M. H.

Stud Poker

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The Saloon

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